Let's talk about Mid Sound Baths

Until recently, I had a very strict mindset about sound baths and what length they should be for maximum benefit. If a sound bath is less than
45 mins long and you aren't laying down, it isn't worth doing.

Times sure have changed. I find myself turning to these Mid Length Sound Baths for daily tune ups more so than the longer versions (gasp!) simply because they are so easy to incorporate during my day and require very little commitment from me both energetically and physically.

Here is the crazy bit. With daily exposure to sound healing your body will begin to utilize ALL the healing benefits more quickly and efficiently.

What IF...you could incorporate healing into your daily routine?

During your lunch break

Doin the dishes (do they ever end?)

Waiting to flip the laundry load

After coffee but before the start of your day :-)

After receiving an irritating email or text

When you need fifteen minutes to just breathe

There are so many open moments during our day where we could heal.

Mid-Length Sound Baths are a

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with just how easy meditation and relaxation can be.