Comfort is Key


Here is what you need to get you as comfy as possible which will maximize the benefits:

  • A cozy blanket to help you stay warm (your temperature will drop as you relax)
  • One pillow for under your head
  • A second pillow for under your knees which will infinitely relax your low back. Gamechanger.
  • A scarf, bandana, eye pillow, or dark room to reduce visual stimuli which has been scientifically proven to activate you "rest and digest" nervous system.
  • Comfy non-restrictive clothing: such as pajamas or sweats
  • A journal and pen

Recalibrate is intended to be stimulating, we recommend doing this sound bath in the early to late afternoon, right after you work day is finished versus later in the evening or before bed. This will give you time to process any excess energy, if needed. Energizing sound baths are very interesting seated, if you have time, give it a spin while seated.