Dear Honored Guest


Get ready to uncover your inner navigator.

Take a few deep breaths and arrive.

Let's talk about the juicy theme of Recalibrate... We live in a world with endless choices and uncertain futures. It is hard to move forward without fear or doubt. Recalibrate is designed to take your power back, strengthen your confidence and get you the clarity you seek. 

If you’re like me, facing change is a real struggle, shout out to other Librans! We are often lost in choice paralysis and overwhelm. We can't see through our own fog of doubt.

Through sound healing, I was able to discover and finally tune into my own intuitive senseIntuition is a powerful force that you have within yourself, but when we are stressed it becomes very dimmed.  

Through this healing course you will learn to fully awaken this inner power to banish doubt and liberate yourself from uncertainty.

So, how does this work? 

Recalibrate utilizes three transformational tools to create a direct line to your intuitive guide, which I loving call, your Inner Shaman: 

  • High Fidelity A+ Quality Sound Healing non-negotiable
  • Sensory Guided Visualization supercharges your imagination and opens your senses as to what your intuition might look or feel like
  • Intuitive Journaling to reveal insights that you otherwise might have missed.

Sound has a profound effect on the nervous system, and for Recalibrate I’ve intentionally chosen instruments, sequencing, and playing techniques that are very stimulating. They are intended to shake off the stagnation, so you can finally move forward on your path. 

This experiential course will help you break free of indecision and access your intuitive senses. We lovingly craft our online sound healing workshops to guide you to your own inner resources. See you on the other side of the forest!


Melissa & Jason

The fine print: Please note, by continuing with this course, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and are volunteering for to participate. If you have any medical condition or mental health condition, have epilepsy, are pregnant, auditory issues, or vertigo please consult your doctor or mental health professional first. If you haven't, you assume the risk to participate and will be responsible for any injuries or damages that maybe incurred. Our courses and healing services should never be a substitute for medical or mental health care, only a complimentary tool.