BONUS: Setting the Space


When we heal at home it can be hard to differentiate healing from daily life. Our homes have become our offices, our schools, restaurants, etc.

With a simple, 5-10 minute opening ritual, we immediately shift our minds to a more relaxed state that is primed for deeper healing through the process of entrainment. 

Think of setting the space as a buffer between your daily life and your personal transformation. There are three basic concepts to help entrain your brain to associate certain music and smells with your self-healing session.

  1. Entrainment: create a specific routine or ritual that you repeat every time you listen to a longer sound bath so your mind and body begin to associate the routine with personal healing & transformation. You can do this ritual as you gather your props and get ready.
  2. Senses: further your entrainment by incorporating the senses through sight, sound, smell, and touch. Use the same scent every time.
  3. Intention: Consider the deeper why, what you hope to receive from the healing.

With these concepts in mind, here are the steps of setting the space:

STEP ONE: Set aside uninterrupted time Intentionally dedicate time for mental and physical restoration. Block your calendar, silence devices, let your household know you're seeking solitude, and, as best as you can, create an environment that is free of distraction. We recommend at the end of the day in bed after all your daily responsibilities are finished.

STEP TWO: Entrain with a specific song as you set up. Choose ambient music and play it every time you you listen to a longer sound bath as a way to signal you are getting ready for your self-healing session. TIP: When you play the same song each time you set the space you entrain your mind to associate the music with your own healing and personal transformation.

STEP THREE: Activate your senses Entrainment amplifies when we activate our senses through specific smells, essential oils, candles, incense, or flowers. Again, use the same incense and candles each time.

BONUS: Create an Intention Altar Enhance your experience with an "intention altar" as a visual reminder before, during, and after the sound meditation of what you are seeking right now. Take a moment to reflect on your emotional state and what you hope to achieve through your self-healing sessions and see if you can find objects around your house that represent this intention. Easy peasy.