Audio Tips


The sound bath recording has been engineered to work for most listeners without needing to adjust the volume mid-way though.

We recommend using headphones: The high quality recording really shines with headphones. Choose comfortable, secure headphones that fit snug and won't require adjustment mid-way through. Noise cancelling headphones are particularly yummy for this experience.

Using speakers? Want to share this experience with a friend? A higher quality speaker is imperative. The gongs can generate deep frequencies, so your laptop or cell phone speakers are not optimal and will not work.

One last thing...We don't live in a bubble. Mentally prepare to accept and include outside sounds, like the dog barking, the fridge humming, kids running down the hall, or your loud neighbors. If you are annoyed, repeat this mantra, "I include all sounds in my healing experience"

If you're sharing the experience with a friend, roommate, or partner... have a pre-sound meditation game plan around how you'd both like to handle snoring! Ya know it's gonna happen.

Oh, and don't forget to put your devices in Do Not Disturb mode :-)