Lay down and let the sound do the healing for you.

Take a deep breath.
Unwind your nervous system.
Let go of all body tension. Destress naturally. Get better sleep.

Welcome to the luxurious, full length 30-60 minute sound baths.

The instrument choice, playing techniques, and sequencing are all
intentionally designed to take you on a very special healing journey.

What had access to

A switch to turn your mind OFF

Instant body relaxation and tension release

Natural stress relief

Organic sleep aid

A shortcut to deep meditation

Passive healing of your nervous system

Natural anxiety reduction through a lowered stress response

Direct Mood Boost through release of natural opiates

And it was as easy as laying down and listening...

Full Length Sound Baths are a

Membership Exclusive

Let us blow your mind
with just how easy meditation and relaxation can be.