GET GROUNDED: Create a stable foundation 🥣

Use this 5 minute sound bath to reground yourself:

This sound bath will re-establish connection to your own stability and steady foundation so you don't fly off the handle or collapse into an old pattern.

This micro sound bath has an origin story, it was actually the first of the micros to be born into the world. I was about to talk to someone about something that was stressful and I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a 5 min sound bath I could do right now to help me ground me before this call?" BOOM. Micros were born.

And, I gotta say, it is one of my all time favorites and go-to's - I use this sound bath all the time. Before a stressful phone call, after the dmv appointment, when I have been doomscrolling or feel out of balance.

Enjoy the heavy dose of the big 14" C Bowl, which represents the Root Chakra or Muladhara, to relax your nervous system and settle agitation. Our Root Chakra tends to be the one that falls out of balance more quickly than other chakras.

Use this sound bath to boost your self-stability, self-security, for re-balancing and reconnecting with the earth.

Stay centered,


PS- Try a Grounding Meditation: Lay down outside or sit in a chair with your shoes off, plant your feet firmly on the ground then hit play. Focus your energy on the floor or ground below you. Imagine energy rising up through your feet and into your entire body. Imagine your own energy commingling with the earth beneath you. After the crystal bowls fade into silence, keep your eyes closed and visualize the entire earth, its consistency, its stability. How it will endure long after whatever has transpired has passed.

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