Take Five For Sound Healing

Once upon a time, I thought there was simply no point in a sound bath that wasn't at least 20 minutes, with 45 to 60 minutes being the ideal. I had a lot of internal rules about what was best.

Then, one fine Covid sheltering in day, I needed to have a heavy convo with my mom that I was sooo freakin nervous about. I thought, "I could really use a tiny 5 min sound bath to ground me." Boom. This is how micros were born. And... boy, do I love them! I use them ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME.

Let's talk a bit about how each micro comes into being. Even with these tiny little micros, each sound bath is born from a specific intention.

Before each recording session, I meditate on the intention, the feeling, what am I trying to achieve? How can the sounds help? Then I consider what specific chakra, note, gong, or instrument combination that will support this best. We record several different sessions before choosing the perfect one. We re-record if it doesn't feel right which happens more than you would think.

The sonic intention is listed in ALL caps, consider holding a similar intention for yourself as you listen for a more powerful effect.

I put everything I have as a healer into these recordings and we hope you enjoy these adorable bursts of sound healing whenever and wherever you want it. There is no substitute for the deep healing powers of a juicy extra long sound bath with plenty of time to set the space, get into a super-comfy restorative pose, and contemplate with intuitive journaling... buuuuutttt, let's get real, sometimes you need a quick dose before and after you call your family.

This course includes 5 to 10 minute micro sound baths intentionally designed for a variety of moods or life situations. Enjoy!



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