Welcome & What the heck is a Sound Healing Kit?!

Season's Greetings!

Here at Inner Sounds we love the holidays. LOVE. In fact, we had planned an epic 2020 sound holiday party where every 20 mins a new holiday spirit would infuse the party. BUT....alas, we have a very different holiday ahead. Sigh

Many of us are struggling to get into the holiday spirit...and ya know what, that is okay. It's okay to need the spirit of rest, the spirit of flow for the ups & downs, and an emergency cheer-up when you are feeling low.

We are grateful to each of you and hope this Holiday Healing Kit will help you through this very multi-faceted time.

A What?!

Sound Healing Kits are a fancy way of saying a collection of sound baths curated around a common theme. In this case, we want to celebrate the spirit of giving so that you and your loved ones can experience the gift of sound healing in delicious bite-sized morsels.

We hope you enjoy this collection of sound baths chosen from our Membership Library of Sound Bath . Each of these Micro Sound Baths is less than 10 minutes and intentionally designed to provide healing for common life situations.

Need the spirit of rest? Check out Lullaby

Feeling the Ups & Downs? Try Opposing Waves

Really need the spirit of cheer? Get the holiday glitter on with Sparkle—cuz honestly, who doesn't love Koshi Chimes?! I'll be listening to this most days as a way to remind myself there is still a lot of sparkle out there.

Warmest Wishes,


PS: we've included a bonus track, Silent Night, featuring the beautiful cello playing of my old-soul friend, Suellen Primost.