Dear Honored Guest


The recipe for healing could not be any easier... simply lay down and let the sound do the work for you.

Take a few deep breaths and arrive. Your relaxing remedy to the busy world is here.

Through a process called entrainment, sound will literally slow down your brainwaves, relieve your stress, calm your mind, and jump you straight into theta brainwave states. The theta meditation state promotes interconnection, boosts creativity, and helps metabolize your emotions - without you doing a single thang.

The Signature Sound Bath is a specific sound healing formula I developed and refined over the past ten years. Our formula is backed by science, a decade of professional and self-healing experience, and has benefited literally thousands of people.

This workshop is a step by step process designed to induce deeper brainwave states through our signature formula of proven Theta-driving techniques. For full benefit, complete each section in order, do not skip. It will take 60 mins to complete.

We are thrilled to offer you a front row seat with unprecedented audio quality and tips to help you maximize and absorb all of the powerful benefits of sound. Your own healing journey starts now.


Melissa & Team

The fine print: Please note, by continuing with this course, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and are volunteering for to participate AND WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES OR DAMAGES THAT MAYBE INCURRED. If you have any DIAGNOSED medical or mental health condition, please consult your doctor before listening. Our courses and healing services should never be a substitute for medical or mental health care, only a complimentary tool.