When will I see results?


The therapeutic and meditative benefits occur instantaneously:

  • Releases natural endorphins to boost mood & alleviate depression
  • Lowered heart rate & antibodies to lower stress and anxiety
  • Encourages deep breathing that stimulates the PSN (Parasympathetic Nervous System)
  • Metabolizes and integrates emotions
  • Receive flash insights or unlock creative solutions
  • Create a higher quality sleep and reduce insomnia

These results may show up as:

  • Sleeping more soundly the night of the sound bath and subsequent evenings for 2-5 days.
  • Physical relief in areas where you typically hold stress
  • Mood & energy boosts or stabilization
  • More calm and relaxed outlook
  • Flash insight from out of nowhere
  • Synchronicity that just "feels right"
  • Decisiveness and clarity
  • Like you just pressed the refresh button on your life :-)

What if I just fall asleep every time?

Don't worry about it. Let go of the desire to stay awake. The magic is happening either way.

Research has proven that the high quality rest you are receiving is as good as an entire night's sleep.

And, you may find that you fall asleep and wake up with an answer or a clue that you can then, Intuitive Journal on. Something might hit you three days later or three months later, and, boom, something clicks.

How do I know if I've hit the Theta brainwave?

Your body can feel very heavy or very light. Your consciousness feels like it is sliding through awake and asleep, awake and asleep. You aren't asleep but you aren't fully awake either. You will see colors, vivid visualizations, memories moving quickly like a film, there is a dreamy quality, like a lucid dream. Children often report going to outer space as a space ranger. Feel free to liberate your imagination and have fun with this brainwave state. :-) It can be self-directed, I often notice I am hitting Theta and then ask a question if I am stuck or go fly around Saturn. The possibilities are endless.

What if I felt a little anxious?

This is not unusual, about 5% of participants report feeling a little intensity. This is typically because you are actually very sensitive to sound and it is likely this is a good modality for you but your nervous system needs to try it a few times before it "understands" the sounds and how they can help. Be sure to consult a physician or halt the session if the anxiety worsens or continues.