Use sound to unlock the secrets of

the most potent

and spiritual time of year.

Celebrate those that have passed on.

Learn the ancient art of altar building. Build you own altar for your ancestors.

Use Samhain spellwork to communicate, listen and receive guidance with those that have passed on.

Take advantage of the only time of year when the ancestors awaken from their eternal slumber.

Your Mini Course Includes:

High Quality Professionally Mixed Sound Baths

Double the magic through professionally mixed sound healings designed specifically for your altar building and Samhain spellwork.

Step by Step Guide to Building an Altar

Learn what special objects to include, how to build one from scratch, traditional colors and symbols.

Spellwork + Sound Healing

This course will teach you how to incorporate a simple Samhain spell ritual with your altar so you can safely call in your ancestors.

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About the Practitioner

Hi! I'm Melissa Felsenstein, founder of Inner Sounds Meditation. Sound Healing helped me overcome depression, anxiety, and literally transformed my life. I'm super excited to offer pristine digital sound baths so you can experience the full potential of sound and instantly relax your body, calm your thoughts, power up your inner resources and start your own healing journey.