Welcome to Recover

This workshop is designed to calm your nervous system, unlock your inner resources and discover you are your own medicine.


Your healing journey will take 90 minutes to complete in total. It is broken into three important, useful steps. Each step is accompanied by a high-quality custom audio file designed specifically for Recovery:

  1. Setting the Space: Entrain & Get Centered as you spend 10-15 mins preparing mentally, energetically and physically for your sound therapy. Hit play on our track, Centered, to really get you in the mood.
  2. Guided Visualization & Recovery Sound Bath: Dive into deeper meditative states, unlock your inner wisdom and truth with our 60 min Recovery Sound Bath.
  3. Intuitive Journaling: Integrate and cement in the experience with 10-15 minutes of uncensored, Intuitive Journaling. We've created a special musical piece called, Inner Reflections to continue to explore, intuit, and learn from your deep self.


This workshop is about giving the gift of healing to yourself

The gift of uninterrupted time for yourself.

Once you "drop" into your interior space, you'll be prompted to connect with your inner guide, intuitive force, or deeper wisdom. This energy or force I endearingly call, your Inner Shaman. 

Your inner guide is always present but often lost under the weight of our daily burdens and stress.

Our step-by-step process will uncover this vital, healing energy and unlock important messages.


Our workshops are meticulously designed on every level to induce deeper brainwave states through proven Theta-driving techniques.

Every step of the journey, from setting the space, to how long each instrument is played, the sequencing, the pace, the intuitive journaling - all arrows point in the same direction guiding your brain into Theta brainwave states for direct access your sub-conscious.

The first time you do this workshop, complete sections in order, do not skip steps.

If you decide to make a weekly commitment or daily ritual, feel free to jump around.