Many of us are feeling stressed out and aren't getting healthy sleep.

We are overwhelmed, anxious and depleted.

It is a real struggle to clear our minds and focus.

What if could flip the OFF Switch on Your Mind?

Instantly Relax Your Body,

and jump right into a Deep Meditation.

And it was as easy as laying down and listening.

Welcome to Sound Meditation

Let us blow your mind with just how easy meditation and rest can be.

This experiential course has been refined by Melissa for over ten years
into a proven formula of high quality quartz crystal bowls, gongs,
and chimes paired with specific sequencing.

Literally thousands of people from local yoga studios,
to larger organizations like Facebook, LinkedIn, UC Berkeley, Kaiser,
have felt the supreme relaxation of this Signature Sound Bath.

meditative instruments
High Quality Sound

Audio engineered to faithfully reproduce a private session with an expert practitioner

restoring at home
Healing At Home

Enjoy sound healing in the comfort and privacy of your own space at your own pace

Go Deeper With Repetition

Listen to the sound bath as many times as you'd like with your 30 day access


If you're interested in the Signature Sound Bath, check out our Summer Signature Sound Bath

Melissa Felsenstein

About The Practitioner

Hi! I'm Melissa Felsenstein, founder of Inner Sounds Meditation. Sound Healing helped me overcome depression, anxiety, and literally transformed my life. I'm super excited to offer this pristine digital sound bath so you can experience the full potential of sound and instantly relax your body, calm your thoughts, power up your inner resources and start your own healing journey.