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Imagine... On-demand, pristine audio professionally engineered that feels like you are in the front row of your very own private session.

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Connect with other sonic unicorns, learn astrology magic, and get deep healing. Subscribers get free access to monthly zooms

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Every month, you'll receive a special email with intuitive sound downloads, an astrology sonic map of the month, and card pulling - exclusive to our platform.

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Learn why literally thousands of people can't seem to get enough. Let us blow your mind with just how much easier being a human can be.

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What Do You Get When You Sign Up?

  • Heal Anytime Anywhere: Professionally recorded and mixed sound baths from 7 mins to 60 mins.
  • Feel An Energetic Resonance each sound bath is designed around a specific intention and energetic resonance.
  • Lay back and Listen Melissa and Team stream monthly live sound baths over zoom.

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Subscribers gain access to hours of pristine,
specialized, intentional content.

More curated sound healing arriving every month!

About The Practitioner

Hi! You know those overbearing guru spiritual types? Yah. Me too. Uhh...I'm not one of them. I am a beer drinking, bacon eating, coffee addicted, messy human who used sound to break free from a very dark cycle of depression and anxiety. I was just as skeptical as likely you are but saw and felt immediate, undeniable results.

Sound is like a gentle soothing massage combined with a nap and a therapy session. It is my mission to share this natural, affordable, no-side-effects, easy, uncomplicated healing tool with as many people as possible because the world needs affordable healing.

My hope is this digital platform will inspire: every day healing, emotional agility, intuitive knowing, psychic expansion, and strengthen each persons own healing agency to know what they need and go get it. Self-healers unite!

Melissa Felsenstein