Ignite Your Inner Transformation

Flip your negative self-talk upside down.

Conquer doubt.

Heal and rewire your mental patterns.

🔥 IGNITE a new way of being
🔥🔥 IGNITE internal peace
🔥🔥🔥 IGNITE inner transformation
with a rock solid method.

In this comprehensive 8 week course, you will learn a brand new method called Applied Self Compassion.

It took Melissa 20 years to discover and create Applied Self Compassion and eight months to break it down
into an 8 week course
called: 🔥 IGNITE 🔥

Our 2021 Aries Cohort of Ignite is Closed for Sale

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Ignite Your Inner Transformation

Explore your interior world and convert inner critics into inner allies

restoring at home

Reimagine your daily healing routine, explore new ingredients and get witchy with it.


Ignite inner and outer transformation through the Applied Self Compassion method.

About The Practitioner

Hi! You know those overbearing guru spiritual types? Yah. Me too. Uhh...I'm not one of them. I am a beer drinking, bacon eating, coffee addicted, messy human who used sound to break free from a very dark cycle of depression and anxiety. I was just as skeptical as likely you are but saw and felt immediate, undeniable results.

Sound is like a gentle soothing massage combined with a nap and a therapy session. It is my mission to share this natural, affordable, no-side-effects, easy, uncomplicated healing tool with as many people as possible because the world needs affordable healing.

My hope is this premium course will inspire: daily healing, emotional agility, intuitive knowing, psychic expansion, and inner peace.

Melissa Felsenstein