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giving yourself or a loved one the gift of sound #anywhere #anytime

Wouldn't it be nice to feel your stress melt away?

Wouldn't it be nice to

surround yourself with good vibes

ALL the way into the new year?

C'mon. This sounds good.

This holiday season,

give the gift of

healing and community.

💙 Effortless Relaxation

😴 A beautiful nights sleep

✨ Mind and body refreshment

🎶 4 Livestream Sound Baths

Real on-demand sound baths with pristine audio quality that is so good

it feels like you are in the front row.

Wanna give this to a friend? Venmo $99 as a friend @melissa-felsenstein and our sound elves will email you.

Your Sound Healing Gift Includes

meditative instruments
3 Months of Unlimited Access

Unlimited sound healing ALL the way until Feb 2023! INSTANT access to ALL of our micros, mid lengths and full length sound baths available immediately with purchase.

restoring at home
FREE Monthly Livestreams

With this healing gift you get THREE Exclusive Livestreams where you can connect with other sonic unicorns, learn astrology magic, and get deep healing while Melissa plays LIVE online.

High Quality Sound

Imagine... On-demand, pristine audio professionally engineered and mixed so it feels like you are in the front row of your very own private session.

What IF...you could

Magically Switch OFF Your Mind

Lower your anxiety

Increase the quality of your bedtime zzzz's

Boost your mood through natural opiates

Gain insight and sharpen your intuition

....And it was available to you anytime, anywhere.

Your gift to yourself includes hours and hours of pristine,
professionally recorded sound baths.

Our team of professional producers and engineers create the HIGHEST QUALITY Sound Healing on the market.

With new sound baths arriving every month!

Wanna give this to a friend? Venmo $99 as a friend @melissa-felsenstein and our sound elves will email you.

Melissa playing the quartz crystal bowls

About The Sound Healing Practitioner

Hi! You know those overbearing guru spiritual types? Yah. Me too. Uhh...I'm not one of them. I am a beer drinking, bacon eating, coffee addicted, messy human who used sound to break free from a very dark cycle of depression and anxiety. I was just as skeptical as likely you are but saw and felt immediate, undeniable results.

Sound is like a gentle soothing massage combined with a nap and a therapy session. It is my mission to share this natural, affordable, no-side-effects healing tool with as many people as possible because the world needs affordable healing.

My hope is this digital platform will inspire every day healing, increase emotional agility, psychic expansion, and strengthen your own healing agency to know what you need and go out and get it.

Melissa Felsenstein