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Wouldn't it be nice to feel your stress melt away?

Wouldn't it be nice to

surround yourself with good vibes

ALL the way into the new year?

C'mon. This sounds good.

This holiday season, give the gift of a

brand new experience

💙 Effortless Relaxation

😴 A beautiful nights sleep

✨ Mind and body refreshment

Real on-demand healing

with pristine audio quality that is so good

it feels like you are in the front row.

Your Holiday Virtual Gift Includes

Unlimited Access

Unlimited sound healing ALL the way until Feb 2022! INSTANT access to ALL of our micros, mid lengths and full length sound baths available immediately with purchase.

Virtual Gatherings
Virtual Gatherings

TWO Exclusive Sound Bath Zooms where you can connect with other sonic unicorns, learn astrology magic, and get deep healing.

meditative instruments
High Quality Sound

Imagine... On-demand, pristine audio professionally engineered that feels like you are in the front row of your very own private session.

Sign Up Now and

enjoy TWO Exclusive Virtual Gatherings:

Winter Solstice Sound Bath - Sun, December 12th
New Moon New You: NY Sound Bath - Tues, Jan 4th

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About The Practitioner

Hi! I'm Melissa Felsenstein, founder of Inner Sounds Meditation. Sound Healing helped me overcome depression, anxiety, and literally transformed my life. I'm super excited to offer pristine digital sound baths so you can experience the full potential of sound and instantly relax your body, calm your thoughts, power up your inner resources and start your own healing journey.

Melissa Felsenstein