Cuz we can't just hibernate until January....

I was walking through the woods with a friend and we were both laughing at how, despite investing all this time and money trying to heal, be whole, and raise our vibe into something more authentic and clear... the second we get around family - BOOM! It all goes out the window! Why does the drama escalate as soon as the jack-o-lanterns begin to rot and the holiday stuff comes out of the attic?!

Why do I manage to descend into a thirteen old version of myself the second the holidays arrive?!? I don't know but one thing I do know is 2020 offers a window into creating new cycles. Reprogramming.

This kit was developed in the hopes to transform the holiday season from a frustrating, blood-pressure-raising time of year to a space where you can stay centered in your values and make it to January with your sanity and integrity intact.

We've got three brand new micro sound baths, Conversations, Get Grounded, and Opposing Waves for when you need to call a time-out for yourself so you won't spin out. A guided visualization, Spectrum, will strengthen your empathy muscles. And a brand new full length sound bath, Heart Healing, to give that heart chakra the TLC it needs.

Tell me how it goes! [email protected]

Happy holidays,